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Pure Orgasmic Love
Somatic Trained Sexologist, CSB-Certified Sexological Bodyworker, SSE, Somatica® Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coach
Tampa, Florida
Dragonfly is an internationally recognized Somatic Trained Sexologist, CSB (Certified Sexological Bodyworker), SSE (Somatic Sex Educator), Somatica® Relationship, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Women's Empowerment & Pleasure Advocate and host of Pure Orgasmic Love w/Dragonfly Podcast.

Dragonfly works with individuals, couples, and groups; she focuses on guiding your exploration to a deeper connection with yourself and your partners. She encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, emphasizing experiential learning through breath, movement, body awareness, communication, anatomy, and other body-based teachings about sex. Dragonfly’s CSB certification uniquely allows her to offer hands-on genital touch for education, healing, and pleasure; offering techniques to explore new ways of experiencing amazing sex and intimacy. Whether experiencing in her PleasurePlayshop™ format, immersions or in private sessions, her goal is to help you discover and accept your most erotic, sensual, and loving self.

On a personal note Dragonfly truly believes that having fulfilling connective relationships and sex does not come naturally. It is a skill that can be learned and developed throughout your lifetime, like any other skill, you need someone to guide you to develop to your full erotic potential. She offers a variety of ways to help you experience and learn within a safe container, allowing you to fully be vulnerable, explore, empower and revitalize your sexual desires. There are a lot of societal messages that can hinder your outlook and expansion of your sexual capacity. We can all uncover where we are stuck, learn our bodies and how pleasure works for each of us through the somatic process and technique. This is a process Dragonfly understands very well from engaging in it with her husband of almost 2 decades; navigating the communication, connection, acceptance, alternative relationship design, and sexual exploration. And now allowing themselves the pleasure they deserve and enhancing every moment!

“I am thrilled with tingles throughout my body, to expand my connection with you this year at Naughty, and to enhance your over wellness & sexual pleasure!” Hugs~Dragonfly

Pre-register for her PleasurePlayshops™ while there is space still available: https://www.dragonflylove.me/events/naughty-nawlins-2019

Private Sessions are experiential, hands-on and specific to your individual needs and desires. This can include but not limited to communication, sexual technique, erotic massage exploration, and genital mapping. These are 75-minute sessions, with a cost of $350 per couple.
*A very limited number of appointments are available for your one on one couples experience.
Private session inquiry: Dragonfly@PureOrgasmicLove.com

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